Beth Caldwell

Beth Caldwell

Popular Presentations about Leadership
Essentials of Leadership Excellence
This interactive and high-energy workshop guides leaders through the essentials of excellence. Topics covered include: communication, conflict, decision making, criticism and negotiation. Alert: Powerful legacies will be developed

Conquering Conflict and Addressing Awkward Situations at Work
Companies lose billions of dollars each year due to workplace drama and employee conflicts. This fun and very direct presentation will show you
how you can conquer conflict, address uncomfortable situations and still get your work done on time. Warning: Awkward conversations and progress may occur immediately.

Battle of the Sexes: What Men and Women Can Learn from Each Other about Leadership
Forget about the issues between generations! The differences in leadership styles between men and women have been responsible for many awkward moments. In this fun and thought provoking presentation, Beth guides participants through the common battles between male and female leaders, providing lots of practical solutions and insight. Prepare to laugh, learn and develop a new awareness about how men and women can succeed together.

Popular Presentations for Women Audiences
Yes You Can Do It All—You Just Can’t Do It All at the Same Time!
Ideal for women who strive for excellence both personally and professionally. Discover 7 simple life strategies that are both important and inspirational. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be motivated.

Get Paid What You’re Worth
This interactive and empowering workshop offers a practical program to increase fees, ask for payments, stop giving services away and appreciate your value. Warning: Increases self-esteem immediately.

Confident Communication
In this powerful presentation, Beth shares confident communication skills and offers practical tips for facing difficult conversations and conflict situations. Disclaimer: Awkward conversations may finally occur after this workshop.

The Natural Negotiator: Skills for Women to Master Negotiation
This is a high-energy workshop that is jam-packed with practical negotiation strategies which you can implement immediately. Graduates of this class report increased gains.

Referred to by her clients as “The Provocative Leader”, Beth Caldwell brings a refreshing style to leadership and innovation. A popular author and columnist, she is not afraid to tackle the tough choices that come with being an influential leader. Beth works with companies and organizations to confront conflict, deal with drama, and make important decisions. She has a special gift for tackling old issues that have drained company resources for years. Her strategy sessions put companies back on track so that they can enjoy profits, productivity and a positive workplace.

Beth writes business strategy and leadership columns for the Pittsburgh Business Times newspaper and Smart Business magazine, but is best known as the founder of Pittsburgh Professional Women and Leadership Academy for Women. Her books include I Wish I’d Known THAT! Secrets to Success in Business, Inspired Entrepreneurs, EMPOWER, INSPIRE and Smart Leadership: 12 Strategies to Help You Shift from Ineffective Boss to Brilliant Leader.

Pittsburgh Magazine selected her as a “40 Under 40″ winner, and one of the city’s most influential young leaders. She’s also been recognized with the Pennsylvania Women of Courage Award. As an instructor for the Steve Harvey Success Institute, Beth teaches workshops on leadership, business, and inspiration to audiences worldwide.

“If you’re looking for a speaker to deliver a powerful motivational message that your audience will never forget, hire Beth Caldwell.”
—Alexis Argyros, Farmers Insurance Group

“Absolutely amazingly wonderful.” -Rhonda Britten, best-selling author of the book Fearless Living

“Beth’s high energy and content-packed presentations are always a favorite of the students in the Radical Success Institute.”
–Doreen Rainey, Act Like a Success, A Steve Harvey Company

“So much more than a speech, it was an experience.”

–Nicole DeMartino, Met Life

“The response from the attendees was incredibly positive.”
–Hannah Calvert, Pennsylvania Governor’s Conference for Women

“I didn’t know it was possible
to be inspired, empowered and
motivated all at the same time.” -Drew McDowell, Lawrence County Women’s Conference

Fees are negotiable depending on your need(s) and budget.

For more information about booking Beth Caldwell for your upcoming program, please contact her via email or call (412) 202-6983

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