Dr. Ann Gatty

Dr. Ann Gatty

Business Consultant

Ann’s Most Requested Presentations:

Office Diplomacy: Dealing with Difficult People:
Do you feel out of step with your co-workers? Do you get frustrated because teamwork is unproductive? In this transformational, diplomatic and very interactive presentation, Dr. Ann
shares four critical initiatives that leaders can adapt to immediately create a healthy work environment.

Profitable Growth Strategies for Small Business:
Whether you are ready to shift to a six or seven figure business, this interactive and experiential workshop will motivate you as you discover strategies to experience consistent and profitable growth. Planning tools and strategic exercises from the proprietary Business Sphere of Excellence® are included. This workshop is ideal for companies and organizations with 5 or more employees.

Beretta’s Most Requested Presentations
Embrace the Pack:
Dogs naturally understand how to be a part of a productive pack. They instinctively recognize different breeds, learning styles and communication preferences. Humans tend to think that we all learn, play and work the same. In this fun, entertaining and interactive workshop, Beretta shares how appreciating other learning styles and communication preferences can eliminate conflict and drama at work. These doggone simple and effective strategies will get all your pups organized and running in the same direction.

Playing Nice with Others:
No more growling, nipping or begging at work. Having a staff that gets along well and is able to communicate can positively impact employee retention and productivity. In this popular workshop Beretta demonstrates how leaders develop strong relationships that respect and utilize the talents and skills of all members in the workplace.

Dr. Ann Gatty, is a partner at Strategic People Solutions, a business consulting firm, helping businesses add value-assets to their businesses. For the past twenty years she and her husband, Dr. Gene Gatty, have been providing business leadership strategy, mentoring and HR employment solutions.

Dr. Ann created The Business Sphere of Excellence® a strategic business planning model used to construct annual and long range business plans to help businesses run more efficiently and profitably.

Dr. Ann is an expert in understanding and improving the workplace culture which is foundational for implementing any successful strategic initiatives.

In order to better explain the importance of employee engagement, Dr. Ann partners with Beretta, her Great Dane therapy dog to present her key findings.

Ann Gatty worked with me as we move from where I am now to where I would like to be in the future. She kept me on track to reach my goals with encouragement and prodding when I needed it most. She has also become a raving fan of my business, Pretzel Crazy, promoting my business at everything from networking groups to her clients and other community resources. I would encourage any small business owner to work with Dr. Gatty at the beginning of their journey into entrepreneurship as well as along the continued path to success.
Sheri Powell, Owner,Pretzel Crazy

I was starting my own business as a life coach. I found Ann to be a very down to earth mentor who really helped me focus on how I wanted to mold my own coaching style. She was excellent in helping me recognize my strengths and skill set. As a result, I feel positive and more confident about how I can develop my career.
Sally Fendt.

Huckestein is at a stage in our evolution where we need to formalize and document processes. The first department we decided to tackle was Human Resources. Gene redesigned our HR functions, creating processes, documents, systems, and roles for employees. The end result is an HR operation that functions like that of a much larger company with many more resources. Gene’s years of experience and pragmatic approach made the process enjoyable.
Wendy Staso, President and CEO, Huckestein Mechanical Services.

Before working with Drs. Gatty, the managers in our business were not properly trained in the hiring and management of the staff. Since government regulations change rapidly, it is helpful to have Dr. Gatty advising on the current changes so that we can spend our time selling and servicing vehicles. Also, employee and management interaction has improved dramatically since we implemented the communications strategies recommended by Dr. Gene. Companies that are looking to improve the productivity of their staff would enjoy working with the Gatty’s.
Steffany L. McCafferty, Controller, Mike Kelly Automotive.

I work with Ann Gatty as a life and business strategist, helping me learn to prioritize and balance my personal and professional life. Before working with her, my attention was scattered in many directions, and she helped me find focus and clarity for building my entrepreneurial business. The most important result has been that I can stay laser-focused which leads to more profits for my newly created business. I now make more money with less work because I am implementing the business systems she created, and I have an inner belief in myself. If you are not sure which way to grow your business, take a leap of faith with the Dr. Ann Gatty and learn what winning feels like.
Tonya Edinger, Owner, Weddings of Pittsburgh

My organization worked with Dr. Ann Gatty for both the employees and the Board of Directors, each with different focus areas. Before working with Dr. Gatty, the employees faced communication struggles due to misunderstandings and a weak sense of team entity. Also Dr. Gatty worked with the Board of Directors, at a Board retreat to better understanding of roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. I see the employees actively using what was learned and discussed in our session with Dr. Ann as they work together and communicate with one another. The team spirit and functionality has improved internally, also.

If I were talking with someone who is thinking of hiring the Dr. Gatty, I would tell them it is a good investment of both time and money. The results that I have seen already, within the first month after having the sessions with both employees and the Board of Directors, are amazing. It has reenergized both the employees and Board of Directors to become more engaged, achieving better results that we expected.
Kierston Hobaugh Executive Director, United Way of Butler County

Before working with Drs. Gene and Ann Gatty, our company was in the midst of a realignment. We were a family-owned business operating for 56 years. At that time, we were trying to determine how to maintain a competitive edge in this highly competitive industry. With years of experience in the industry, we knew what we needed to do when it came to customer retention and growth. But we needed was a fresh look at a business plan and direction that could be orchestrated to separate us from the others.

With Gene and Ann’s assistance, we are well on our way to reach our goal of being one of the best companies to work for in the Pittsburgh Market. They have helped with developing our teams, identifying and embracing operational efficiencies and, most of all, keeping us on the path defined by our company’s mission and values. If you are looking for a fresh, new outlook on your business, with a myriad of developmental processes accessible to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to Drs. Gene and Ann Gatty.
John T, COO of a 3rd generation family owned business

As a small business person I have come to realize that it is vital to have external expertise to review current plans and guide future initiatives. Dr. Gatty is a great resource for those critical business elements. With her mentorship I have discovered new business opportunities, rediscovered underestimated skill sets, and developed a clearer vision and specific goals for my business and career. What makes Dr. Ann’s advice valuable is that she also considers the more mundane elements of running a business because she and her husband have successfully built and sold several businesses on their own. She genuinely wants to foster your business’ growth in practice and purpose and has the practical experience to prove it.

Everyone says that it is vital to have a neutral 3rd party review your plans. I would rather have Dr. Ann, who possess both the expertise and the passion, to help build my business.
Elizabeth Blakely, Visible Mission, Inc.

Fees are negotiable depending on your need(s) and budget.

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