Joan Washburn

Joan Washburn, ACC

Joan’s programs are customized to meet the needs of the client. Her trainings and services include:

“Inspiration to Outcome”

“Inspiration to Outcome” is an 8 hour on-site training. At the end of the 8 hours the participants will have learned:

  • The three steps successful people take to overcome everyday obstacles at work
  • The main reason every project takes longer, is harder and usually over budget
  • How to shift from self-limiting internal dialogues to creative thoughts worth thinking
  • Their own personal show stopper
  • Life has its own “Playing Field”. The will receive the tools and develop the skills needed to play their very best game full out with less struggle
  • The meaning and value behind what they do
  • Their personal keys to excellence
  • The key to satisfaction and fulfillment at work and at home
  • To understand the brain – a “conclusion making machine”
  • 5 conclusions that sabotage and 5 that produce effective communication
  • Learn a framework to utilize when internal change is needed to attain a desired outcome

“Beyond Balance”

“Beyond Balance” is an 8 week on-line course. It is comprised of 8 content modules divided into short learning segments, delivered automatically every week. Each segment contains new concepts, tools and simple ways to use them in your daily life. This approach makes it easy to stay focused while preventing overwhelm, and procrastination. At the end of the course each participants will:

  • Have CLARITY about where you are in your life right now.
  • Have designed a VISION for the life you want to live.
  • See the value of your PROMISE to yourself and others.
  • See “Success’ in a new and empowering way!
  • Have discovered that not only are games played on playing fields, but that life itself has its own “Playing Field”.
  • Understand why everything takes longer, costs more and takes a lot more energy than we had planned.
  • Have your Personal Blueprints for Action.
  • Know the difference between a goal, task and process
  • Know the 5 qualities of goals worth playing for
  • Have designed a personal goal that warms your heart
  • Understand why so many goals and dreams go unfulfilled
  • See your personal show stopper!
  • Have a 3 step method to achieve your personal goals with ease instead of struggle
  • Know the 5 qualities of self-limiting, internal dialogue
  • Know the 5 qualities of your Voice of Wisdom
  • Have generated 3 Powerful Success Statements
  • Your Personal Keys to Excellence
  • The REAL cause of Frustration
  • How to create a life of Harmony, Satisfaction and Fulfillment.
  • Have a more empowering definition of Support.
  • Discover that Support is all around you.
  • Begin to tap into this most valuable resource.
  • A potent and valuable tool that combats guilt, worry and self-limiting chatter EVERY time
  • Have gone Beyond Balance!

Individual Professional Coaching

  • Provides focused coaching on those areas that are most relevant to each individual’s growth and performance.
  • Provides a safe and supportive space to speak candidly about work and life challenges and to explore and gain additional personal insights.
  • Supports and encourages each staff member to apply the new tools and skills in the “real world”.
  • One-on-One coaching sessions are scheduled at each person’s convenience from weekly to monthly for a minimum of 10 sessions and are conducted face-to-face or by phone.
  • Each session is one hour in length.

Small Group Coaching

  • Same as the above, however 3- 6 participants gather together and are coached together.
  • Small group coaching sessions are available for those who prefer a more economical approach.
  • These sessions generally occur weekly for six weeks at a specified time each week. Each session lasts one and a half hours.

Joan Washburn, ACC, is a master at coaching busy, professionals as they zero in on their top priorities, stop wasting their precious time and energy on things that don’t matter and produce the results they’re aiming for.

She also works with leaders of large companies as well as small business owners to deliver professional development trainings designed to produce resilient and productive employees, happy customers and increased profitability!

Her on-line programs are guaranteed to deliver practical tools and build essential skills her clients use every day in both their personal and professional lives to succeed with ease and grace vs. stress and struggle.

Her clients come to her because they feel a need for her expertise in accelerating results, managing change with ease, or there is something at stake and it is big!

Joan is credentialed by the International Coach Federation, a Licensed Trainer by the Academy for Coaching Excellence and a graduate of the Wharton Business School AMP.

Prior to starting Washburn Endeavours, LLC (WE) in 2006, she was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a division of Siemens Medical (PETNET Solutions), where she built a world class organization comprised of sales, marketing, product development and technical support specialists to address the growing opportunity and increasing competitive nature in the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) market.

At PETNET she led the development and implementation of a training program and associated selling aids that resulted in a sales force consistently ranked #1 in the industry. She had $10 Million dollar P&L responsibility in 2005.

“If you have a chance to work with Joan Washburn, run, don’t walk!”
~ A. Duez, Past President of the Marblehead Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Owner, Victorian Inn

“Joan drew upon her extensive managerial experience and delivered real world solutions that could be rapidly implemented.”
~ Tom Hook, President and CEO

“There will always be issues in life. They don’t rule the day anymore!”
~ Judy Paschen, LMT Coaching Client/Beyond Balance participant

Beyond Balance Testimonials
“I count myself highly fortunate to have been part of Joan Washburn’s Beyond Balance program. It came at just the right time for me. The program gave me useful tools to use in my life to deal successfully with many kinds of perplexing situations that professional women often deal with. Joan is an excellent coach, oozing with a fabulous mixture of compassion, wisdom and good humor. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking for new tools to use to deal with the challenges of life. You will gain far more than insight; you will learn new skills by using coaching tools and taking action in your life in lots of new ways!”
~ Penny Kowal, PhD

“Are you feeling stuck in life despite having a full calendar? Have a vague vision but lack motivation and drive to be one version better than the current you? Or maybe you just have the pile of half read self-help books piling on your bedside table collecting dust? That was me until Beyond Balance. Joan’s easy video based modules were perfect to listen to when I had the time or needed refreshing. The biggest benefit came from being able to talk with Joan and others in the weekly calls that 1. Kept me accountable 2. Answered any questions where I felt stuck and 3. Made me feel alive that I could help others where I had once struggled. Knowing that I have Joan and the BB Alumni in my corner cheering me on and holding my hand is worth more than the next 10 best seller help books on the market. One of the best personal investments I’ve made. After all, just like the Clairol adds: I’m worth it! Thanks Joan!!”
~ Kim Leneghan MS RD LD SnapShot RD

“I’m so glad I met Joan and found out about Beyond Balance. At the time that I discovered Beyond Balance I was looking for something to help me navigate the waters of my everyday life. With a possible job change, starting a new business and raising a very active family I was so over extended, tired and unable to focus! I need something but didn’t know what and I thought I was the only one struggling with this. Beyond Balance was just what I needed.”

“Since Beyond Balance I now have the ability to take a step back from things and take a look at the bigger picture. This course really taught me a lot about myself and the things that kept me stuck. Something as simple as finding my vision for life and clarifying my life’s intention made a big difference. Now I’m quicker to recognize when I’m making things more difficult for myself and can put things into perspective easier. I’m living my life with more “ease and grace.” Thanks Joan!”
~ Bethany Baumgardner

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