Kris Thaller

Kris Thaller

Certified Professional Coach

Some of Kris’s topics include:

Performance With Purpose
Each of us has innate qualities that we use to move us through situations or circumstances that seem doubtful. These qualities keep us focused, energized, and allow us to be fully engaged with our dreams, goals and team players. When we share them with others, we make a difference in their lives as well as our own. Come learn what your personal points of power are.

Energy Efficiency
Learning how to direct and focus our time, money, physical vitality and relationships wakes us up to the inherent power we’ve been given so we can live an “intentionally” satisfying and coherent life whether at work or at play.
Attend this workshop and you will learn:
• The #1 Mistake that Busy Professionals Make That Drains Their Energy and Causes Life to be Hard.
• The 3 Signs You’re Wasting Your Energy
• How to Focus Your Energy Precisely Where it’s Needed
• Why Doing More Often Produces Less.

Seeing The Best In Others
We all have conclusions about people. Some are empowering and supportive and some are not. These conclusions impact the quality of our relationships, our conversations, and our interactions with people. High impact conversations open up possibilities and can lead to excellent, sometimes even extraordinary results. Discover how to communicate best when it matters most.

Unleashing Your Extraordinary Vision
Would it be all right to live an Extraordinary Life instead of a mediocre life? In order to have an Extraordinary Life you must have an Extraordinary Vision. A vision is a mental image of the life you would love to live. You have a vision for your life that lives with in you and wants to be unleashed.
Attend this workshop and you will:
• Lean why a Vision is critical to your Success.
• Create a Personal Vision for the life you would love to live!
• Learn the Difference between a Personal vision and a Vision Board.
• Receive a Simple 4 Step System to Make It Happen.

The 5 Secret Stages of a Project
At some point every idea, dream or goal turns into a project. A project has a beginning, middle and end-point, no matter how long it lasts…..days, weeks or months. But whatever the subject or duration, there are five distinct stages in every project, and each one has it’s opportunities and pitfalls. Come learn the specific energy requirements of each stage, from lift-off to breakthrough, and how to successfully bring your project into reality.

From Ideas to Outcome
Where do you find inspiration to keep your vision of personal success alive? Specific tools and skills will be taught that can be used to deal with the unpredictability and constant change that occurs in life in order to keep “on track” with your personal and professional dreams.

Coaching For Employee Excellence
Coaching your employees to excellence requires a clear understanding of what coaching is and what coaching is not. Learn what a coach knows about people. and what an effective coach does to support and empower their staff.

The above programs are delivered in 2 to 4 hour sessions dependent upon your needs.

Kris Thaller, PCC appreciates working with Busy Professionals that are committed to Personal and Professional Development. Taking you beyond where you normally stop yourself is what she does best. When you hesitate taking that next step towards achieving your Vision, Ideas and Goals it is crucial.

Kris seize’s those moments and supports you to transcend barriers and take action on what’s truly important in reaching the success you aim for, create the change you’re looking for and the skill sets you need to make it happen.

Kris provides personal and professional development seminars and workshops as an experienced keynoter, motivational speaker and soft skills trainer. As a result of her heartfelt and humorous seminars, participants experience a stronger sense of who they are, begin to take action on what truly matters to them and learn ways to produce extraordinary results in less time with less effort.

Kris believes that any time people start creating something new or different, be it personally or professionally, it’s a journey that takes courage, heart and wisdom. It’s her joy to partner with her clients as they move forward on their life’s journey.

She also customizes soft skill training programs for small to medium sized companies that are designed to produce engaged productive employees and leaders.

Professional Background

A Licensed Soft Skilled Trainer, Certified Organizational Coach and Life Coach and a Faculty Member of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, Kris Thaller has more than 25 years of impressive presentation and training credentials. Credits include: The National Conference of Aging in Washington, D.C, The Nebraska Mortgage Association Conference, Lincoln Area Agency on Aging, Big Brothers Big Sisters Heartland Chapter, Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Nebraska , Nebraska Commission For The Blind and Visually Impaired and many more.

“Just a quick note to say that yesterday’s Team meeting was one of my favorite days of the past 5 years at KidGlov. I thought your message, delivery, etc was just perfect for what we needed and we’re all looking forward to our next time with you!!”
~ Lyn Wineman
Kid Glove Branding

“This is such an exciting part of my life right now! I have felt that in the last two workshops I am with the people in our program in a way that is so remarkably different than anything I have experienced in this office. Thank you for bringing the process that creates a very different kind of environment for them.”
~ Dana Bainbridge
NE Employment First Project Chrysalis

“I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with Kris. She is highly talented in assisting others to overcome the mental roadblocks that get in the way of achieving success. The insight she gave me has allowed me to clear these obstacles from my mind and focus on the path that is leading my career in a positive direction. I would describe my sessions with her as “Yoga for the Brain.” I found myself reaching outside my comfort zone to become more flexible in my way of thinking and thus finding new solutions to not only help me in my personal life but also provide creative solutions for my clients.”
~ Travis Langemeier

“Coaching helps me to see WHERE my thinking has become blocked, what conclusion I am dancing with that’s keeping me from achieving what I really want. With Kris’ help, I can see alternatives I couldn’t see before. She helps me to see my own answers; she doesn’t tell me what to do. And she’s there – supporting me, cheering me on, wanting to see me succeed, part of my team.”
~ Paul F.

“Kris brought out a new perspective on how we automatically come to a decision and how to work through those decisions to find the real path. She motivated the team and empowered their thinking and relationships!”
~ KMD Flurries – Kristin Dobski

Fees are negotiable depending on your need(s) and budget.

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