Lisa Ryan

Lisa Ryan

Speaker, Author, Gratitude Strategist

How You Can Engage the Appreciation Strategist

Keynote speaker and gratitude expert, Lisa Ryan has energized programs for dozens of groups with her signature brand of fun, interactive, entertaining and thoughtful presentations. She makes the notion of gratitude come alive for a wide assortment of audiences. Through her Grategy® organization, she teaches individuals and businesses how to harness the power of gratitude, better enabling them to retain current customers and generate referrals to new prospects. Here’s a closer look at how she can help make your organization’s next program come to life.

Keynote presentations

Your company, chamber group, trade association, networking organization or other group will receive a jolt of energy by hosting Lisa as a keynote speaker. These presentations can range from 30 to 90 minutes:

Take Your T.H.A.N.K.S. to the Bank

The importance of creating a climate of support and encouragement in the workplace cannot be over-stated. If they feel unappreciated or ignored, your employees and customers may choose to go somewhere else. By creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace, not only will your workforce be more engaged, but you’ll also see improved employee performance, a stronger commitment and an all-around more positive, fun work environment! Make sure your best employees today don’t become someone else’s top talent tomorrow!

In this interactive and engaging program, Lisa Ryan shares strategies to increase engagement levels so that your employees and your business thrive.
You will discover:
•The difference in economic value between an engaged and disengaged employee
•How to set up an effective employee engagement program
•Simple strategies to increase employee retention and job satisfaction.
When you put your employees first, profits will follow. Let Lisa Ryan show you how.

Appreciation Strategies:
How to Harness the Power of Gratitude in Business and in Life

If you found out that there was one simple thing you could do to improve your outlook on the ups and downs of life, enhance your health, enrich your relationships and increase your wealth, would you want to find out more?

In this inspirational, engaging and fun session, you will learn practices which take less than five minutes a day that will SHOW you the impact of sincere appreciation. You will discover the impact on the SELF – including your perspective and how you look at your life. The HEALTH effects will be revealed – how gratitude actually improves the immune system, strengthens the heart and even leads to sleeping better. We will explore how gratefulness enhances our relationships with OTHERS – at home, on the job, wherever you are connecting with people. Finally we will uncover how gratefulness leads to higher WEALTH – both personal and business financial prosperity.

Join Lisa Ryan in her fun, engaging and interactive program as she shares simple strategies for completing the gratitude cycle – both in the giving and receiving of appreciation. You’ll be surprised by the science behind this incredible power and discover why gratefulness is much more than a “feel good” emotion.

You will leave this session with an action plan that will produce dramatic and positive results in your business and in your life.

1. Learn a simple practice which takes less than five minutes a day that will have immediate positive consequences.
2. Participate in an activity that will take you out of the stress response and back to calm.
3. Realize the importance of expressing gratefulness regularly – and the difference between verbal and written appreciation.

What’s Gratitude Got to Do With It:
How to be Grateful When You’d Rather Be Grouchy

It’s very easy to express gratitude when things are going well. It’s not so easy when it’s not. In this program, Lisa Ryan shows how exercising your “gratitude muscle” on a consistent basis makes it easier to find something good – no matter what happens. In the midst of hard times, you’ll learn strategies to find one good thing about the situation so you can get through it much easier.

Whether you are going through financial struggles, a health challenge, or a difficult relationship, getting to gratitude helps you turn it around. In this enlightening and inspiring program, Lisa shows you how.
1. Discover the benefits when you SHOW gratitude (SELF, HEALTH, relationships with OTHERS, WEALTH)
2. Learn a practice that takes less than five minutes a day that will positively impact every area of your life.
3. Explore the research that proves that appreciation is more than just a “feel good” emotion, it works!

Opting for Optimism

Did you know that spending just five minutes a day in appreciation strengthens the heart and the immune system and leads to better sleep? Those people who have a consistent practice of gratitude are awake less time before they fall asleep, they sleep more soundly and they awaken more refreshed.

Learn how to harness the power of gratitude to create a happier life perspective and experience physical benefits as well.

Lisa Ryan leads participants through a variety of exercises and discussion to show easily implementable strategies that can be put to action immediately.

High Performance Workshops and Seminars

These hands-on interactive sessions are customized to the unique requirements of the host group, and typically run half a day. They offer an immersion experience in the transformative power of gratitude to change lives and organizations.

A Career Devoted to Positivity in All Areas of Life

Keynote speaker and author, Lisa Ryan is a nationally recognized gratitude expert and founder of Grategy®. She is a dynamic presenter who teaches corporations, associations, and non-profits the immense power of gratitude in the workplace, and helps her clients translate soft skills into hard profits. She focuses on employee productivity, customer retention and growth, and how these affect the bottom line.

Ms. Ryan is a featured expert in two films, “The Keeper of the Keys” with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and “The Gratitude Experiment” with several experts from the smash hit book and movie The Secret. She is the author of five books including: The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude, From Afraid to Speak to Paid to Speak, and With Excellence. Her audiences love her passion and humor, and the fact that they leave with specific ideas that they can apply immediately.

Lisa is a Professional member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International. She holds an undergraduate degree and MBA from Cleveland State University. She has been blissfully married to Scott since 1996.

“Thank you for your presentation at our management retreat. You gave us just the kickoff we needed. You kept the class engaged and that made the time we invested worthwhile. You helped us reinforce a message that is part of our 2013 strategic goals.” Amy Gerrity, President, The Reserves Network

“Your customized program content was insightful and was well received by our leaders. I’ve received excellent feedback on the program. Your research and statistics on the benefits of appreciation really caught our attention and gave credibility to everything you covered in your program. The various exercises were engaging and enjoyable. The feedback was that most everyone received a least on “ah-ha” during your session.” Patty Bollheimer, Corporate Human Resources Manager, Parker Hannifin

“I wanted to express my thanks for an awesome Appreciation Strategies presentation today at Nationwide – you rocked it! Not only was the presentation informative and engaging, but also funny and inspiring. The exercises were pertinent and meaningful and I truly believe everyone in attendance left feeling a bit better than when they arrived.” Patricia Yanscik, Specialist, Health and Productivity, Nationwide Insurance

“I plan to rejuvenate random acts of recognition and appreciation in my organization. Thanks so much for your ideas, enthusiasm, and inspiration. I believe your program will help organizations and associations that need a shot of energy, along with some great ideas, and strategies to increase employee engagement and empowerment within the organization.” Tricia Wendell, Chair, Presenter Committee, Mohawk-Hudson ASTD

“I had no double that you would be fantastic but I was not prepared for your enthusiasm and energy. You had the audience on the edge of their seats, laughing, nodding, and participating all the way through.” Gretchen Skok-Disanto, Director, Lakeland Community College, Center for Business and Industry

“I would highly recommend Lisa Ryan’s program to any organization that is looking to create a more positive, upbeat environment – and experience the bottom-line results from doing so. Her energy and passion for what she does lights up the room. Lisa Ryan helped our conference to be the success that it was.” Mark Uher, President, Manufacturer’s Education Council

“Lisa Ryan’s program is thoroughly enjoyable with lots of content too! I really liked the practice of using the notes (or treasures) of gratitude. Because of this program, I plan to use more daily doses of gratitude both at work and at home.” Debbie Bour, Technical Development, Medical Mutual

“What began as a concept harnessing the power of gratitude (Grategy, which was founded in 2009), is now a full-fledge endeavor with many forms and possibilities. It’s both Lisa’s professional work and a movement that has involved other people who want more professionally by providing something that was lacking in Northeast Ohio: A structured business-focused program dedicated to appreciation.”
Kavita Sherman, Sherman Communications, LLC

Fees are negotiable depending on your need(s) and budget.

For more information about booking Lisa Ryan for your upcoming program, please contact her via email or call (two-one-six) 225-8027

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