Michael Kaplan

Michael Kaplan

Certified EMyth Business Coach

Michael’s presentations can be done as Lunch ‘n Learns, workshops or seminars, either for individual business owners or teams within the organization.

Some of Michael’s topics include:

7 Ingredients for Growing a Successful Business
Is your business not getting the results you want? Are you struggling to truly differentiate yourself and win the projects and business you deserve?

If you are a small business owner with at least 5 employees, this is for you…

What participants will learn:
• The 7 ingredients every successful business needs
• Identifying problem areas and share practical solutions to help your business prosper
• What to “stop” doing and to “start” doing to achieve your goals
• Prioritize your goals to make the biggest impact on your business growth
Set goals, actions and accountabilities to get things done.

Too Much Work, Too Little Time: Time Management Essentials
Do you have problems getting it all done? Do you have enough time to do the things you really want to do? Are you constantly pressed for time?

If so, mark your calendars now and register to attend a FREE lunch-and-learn event featuring certified EMyth coach Michael Kaplan.

The lunch-and-learn event, “Time Management Essentials” will be DATE from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at ……….

Perfect for small business owners with five or more employees, this short seminar will cover:
• How to create a better work/life balance
• Myths about time management
• Analyze how you spend your time
• Learn skills for organizing and planning your time
• Learn ways to save time this week!

How to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet: Creating an Annual Business Development Plan
The “business plan” is a common tool used by many companies. Too often, preparing a business plan is done because “that’s what businesses do” and it becomes a rote exercise that inevitably yields little or no productive results. You’re about to discover a completely new version of the business plan – a business plan that actually serves you. It serves you because it starts with your passion and translates into specific actions. It begins with the entrepreneur and ends with your inner manager. It also recognizes change as your constant companion. This business plan begins with a different set of operating assumptions than does the “traditional” business plan. Your attitude and how you translate your goals into projects and tasks are the key factors that make it a success.

Perfect for small business owners with five or more employees, this short seminar will cover:
• Understanding the importance of an Annual Plan
• Assess how your business is currently functioning
• Decide what to focus on for best results
• Create quarterly goals and monthly actions
• Learn how to budget for growth

Michael is a seasoned business owner with a skill for creating successful businesses, leadership transformations, and personal growth with owners and managers of mid- sized businesses. He has a passion for people development. Kaplan has more than 36 years of experience in sales, business coaching and entrepreneurship. His expertise includes training, coaching, strategic planning, business management, real estate development and financing. With a passion for helping others, he helps business owners and leadership teams get more of what they want from their business. Kaplan’s slogan is “Helping your business work harder, so you don’t have to.”

Business coaching is a perfect marriage of Michael’s skills and training. Prior to joining the family furniture business, Michael earned a BA from Earlham College and an MSW from Smith. His degree in counseling greatly enhances Michael’s abilities as a coach, mentor, and leader. The ability to listen well and to ask good questions is the hallmark of Kaplan’s style.

After seeing an article about SCORE, Michael realized that coaching was an endeavor that perfectly combined his skills and education. Kaplan volunteered for SCORE, a SBA program that mentors young business people. He trained at some of the country’s best coach training programs, including the Coaches Training Institute, Vistage International and EOS Worldwide, and EMyth International. In 2008 he opened his own coaching business, Strategic Solutions Coaching, and developed his business coaching system, GPS (Growth Producing Strategies) for Business™ that gives business leaders a new way to look at their businesses to accelerate growth. As a Certified EMyth Business Coach, he has access to the most comprehensive business development system anywhere.

With an outstanding reputation as a coach and businessman, he was asked to judge business plan presentations at Purdue University and helped develop an entrepreneurial program at Ivy Tech. Kaplan teaches organizations how to get focused, engaged, share a common vision, be disciplined and accountable, executing well and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive team.

Kaplan believes that entrepreneurship is best as a team sport, not an individual activity. He enjoys being a mentor and coach for CEO’s, Presidents, and Business Owners who want to outperform the completion by gaining a true competitive advantage. Kaplan’s EMyth clients achieve financial independence, professional and personal growth, and achieve a better work/life balance. They get out of the overwhelm they are in.

Michael lives with his wife of 37 years and has two grown children, Kate and Josh. He enjoys fine dining, grilling on his Green Egg grill, theatre, and traveling the world.

Fees are negotiable depending on your need(s) and budget.

Travels from Indianapolis, IN

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