Pat Altvater

Pat Altvater

Author…Trainer…Content Marketing Strategist

Some of Pat’s topics include:

Effective Calls To Action: Make Yours Irresistible

A great call to action makes your product (or lead magnet) irresistible to buyers. Simply, a call to action is a great way to turn lookers into buyers by motivating a purchase. Discover how to craft calls to action (CTAs) that convert. You can use these with your marketing campaigns, including with videos, blogs, newsletters, websites, and in social media.

You’ll learn:
– 3 components that nearly all the CTAs include
– 4 factors to keep in mind when crafting calls to actions
– How to craft your call to action based on your target market and what you sell
– How to structure the CTA so it’s easy to take the action you are requesting
– Design tips for a call to action banner that anyone can do

Content Video Marketing: Tips to Implement 2017’s Biggest Trend

Video is the future of content marketing. Content video marketing means creating a consistent series of videos throughout the year and making them available 24/7. Experts say that within the next year if you aren’t using video to increase awareness and build trust, you will lose business to companies that are utilizing it.

If you are procrastinating about creating videos because you are afraid to be in front of the camera, are not sure what to say, and/or don’t know what to do with the video once it’s created, this session is for you!

You’ll learn:
– Specific tips for video creation, including how to write your script and call to action
– Powerful presentation tips as well as how to prepare for your shoot
– Where to upload your video online and how to get the best SEO
– How to integrate your videos into your marketing strategy

Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy Discover content marketing strategies that can be implemented and how to use them to generate leads and grow email lists.

You’ll learn:
– An integrated content marketing strategy that effectively builds awareness
– How to create content, including online video, that attracts attention, piques interest, and converts
– A process to leverage content in a way that demonstrates you are an authority

Other Topics include:

Use PowerPoint To Breathe Life, Not Death, Into Your Next Presentation – Discover how to create Power Point slide decks that add emphasis to your presentation, with images, cartoons and graphics, rather than a boring list of bullet points.

Choose Success: Ignite the Power Within – This presentation is based on Pat’s book of the same name. You’ll learn the exact 5 step process to achieve the results desired in your life.

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Author, trainer and content marketing strategist, Pat Altvater, has natural credibility which inspires her audiences to take action. Her over 15 years of sales and sales experience coupled with 15 years of entrepreneurship gives Pat the ability to relate to her audiences. Her infectious, positive “can-do” attitude has helped hundreds of individuals reach their highest potential.

In her entertaining, high-energy style, she packs her presentations full of how-to’s, tools and worksheets, real life stories and humor, leaving people saying “YES, I can DO this now.

During every presentation, Pat lives her mission of “helping others showcase their expertise and achieve their desired results whether it is building their business, attracting their perfect customer or nurturing themselves so they can attain peak performance.”

With more than 20 years of experience delivering training programs, workshops and retreats, Pat consistently receives rave reviews. “Energetic, Engaging and Educational” are the words most commonly used to describe Pat Altvater.

As an entrepreneur, Pat opened 10 franchised women’s only fitness facilities and took them to profitability within the first year. Pat was featured as a childhood obesity expert on Fox TV News and has been quoted in numerous newspaper stories. She also created and hosted the Moms Outsmarting Obesity Tele-Summit. During this time period she discovered what it takes to be seen as an expert on the Internet. This knowledge led to the creation of her marketing company, AFP Marketing, and the BizTV Shows® online Network brand which features elite networks of local experts providing quick tip videos to help small to mid-sized business owners either grow their business or improve their quality of life.

Pat’s education includes a master’s degree in Accountancy from Virginia Tech and a bachelors in Human Resources from Michigan State University. She is a member of NAWBO, both the Cleveland and Columbus chapters, several Chamber of Commerce’s, Rainmakers, and Powerful You Network.

She is the author of Choose Success – Ignite the Power Within and The Choose Success Guide to Creating Online Video Scripts That Connect. Pat believes having a success mindset and helping others achieve their goals is the key to her success!

“Pat Altvater designed and presented excellent training for Owens Community College to one of our key corporate customers. The workshops allowed employees of the company to gain skills required for preparing and presenting important project presentations. Pat incorporated a variety of components to assure the training would be of high quality. This included the participants video taping themselves making a presentation in front of a small audience. This allowed the participants to self-critique and improve their presentation skills even more. As always, Pat did a highly professional job of designing and presenting the training, which was very effective and appreciated by the company.”

~ Carl Dettmer
Director, Program Development
Owens Community College
Workforce & Community Services
(567) 661-7319

“Pat’s engaging keynote helped us bring awareness to and then eliminate those beliefs holding us back from achieving our best. I highly recommend Pat Altvater to anyone who wants to provide their group with a session that is a life changing experience!”
~Irina Haydon, Vice President,
Heartland Payment Systems

“Pat, great presentation last night, very spirited and right on! I truly enjoyed listening to you share the wisdom you have gained over your years as an entrepreneur. Thank you again for giving everyone some great food for thought. Oh, by the way, I read your book and LOVED IT!”
~ Carol Kirken, NVP,
Arbonne International

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