Patrick Good

Patrick Good

Business Coach and Advisor

Some of Pat’s topics include:

1. The Freedom Workshop: Building a Business Which Runs Itself
This workshop can be presented as a full or half day event. Learn the 8 secrets that can truly transform your business from a revenue model to a value-wealth model. Attendees will also have access to a free online assessment tool that will calculate their “Sellability Score”, giving them an accurate gauge on their business along with recommendations for improvement in key areas.

2. Breathing Life into Your 1-Page Strategic Plan: 1% Vision, 99% Alignment
The 1-Page Strategic Plan creates a unique framework that everything else in your business is built upon and provides a common language so everyone in your organization is clear about the priorities and it creates alignment, keeping everyone focused on the most important initiatives…Right People doing the Right Things Right. This interactive seminar may be presented as a 1-2 hour talk or a half day event.

3. Five Critical Strategies for Managing Growth
Managing growth and the accompanying complexity is critical to not only business survival, but also to creating a healthy, profitable business. During this interactive and motivating seminar, participants will gain awareness of the Business Dangers associated with growth and learn about five critical strategies to overcome complexity.

4. Adapt to Win!: Leveraging Behavioral Analysis and Assessments in Your Organization
Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. Whether you’re a Business Owner, a Leader, a Manager, or an integral Team member within an organization, this interactive presentation will provide you with the awareness and tools to foster stronger relationships and be more effective with interpersonal communication.

5. Your Other Nest Egg…Your Business
A content-rich Executive Briefing (1-2 hours) on how to build Value in your business. Participants have the opportunity to put their businesses under the microscope with the help of experts, uncovering the steps they can take to make their businesses more attractive to potential buyers – whether you’re looking to sell your business in the near future or want to start ramping up the value in order to sell it down the line.

6. Aligning, Engaging, and Energizing Your Team
This engaging and motivational session explores four contemporary concepts of management and leadership development; Strategic Alignment, Three Signs of a Miserable Job, Transformational Coaching, and Effective Performance Management Systems. Presented as a seminar or workshop in 2 hour or half day formats.

Patrick Good is the Owner of PAG Associates, a Corporation consisting of 5 business units, including AdviCoach of NW Ohio. Pat founded AdviCoach of NW Ohio in 2010. AdviCoach is the nation’s fastest growing business coaching and advisory firm. Pat has an extremely broad business background with over 30 years of experience and success in a wide range of areas including Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Operations, Materials Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Engineering. His extensive business acumen is rooted in his shop-floor manufacturing and production management experience. He has led the Materials, Purchasing, Operations, and Sales functions of local and global companies, including Honeywell International, Midwest Stamping, Kelsey-Hayes, William Cook North America, and Toledo Stamping.

Pat’s background includes certifications in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints, and Total Quality Management systems, including Facilitator roles. He is a Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt.

After serving in the United States Navy, Pat earned his Engineering and Business degrees from the University of Toledo. He was born and raised in Toledo. He and his wife (Peggy) have two adult daughters and live in Maumee.

“Pat is a knowledgeable business consultant and coach who works with the client to help him/her find the best solutions for their business questions. He is reliable, knows how to help the client think through, plan and implement a project from beginning to end within an established timeline, and focuses on accountability to help the client get the job done. I appreciate his professionalism and his interest in the success of his clients.”
~ Marcia Salazar-Valentine, Executive Director at Bowling Green State University’s Continuing & Extended Education

“I have owned my business for over 15 years and for the last few found myself in a bit of a rut. I met Patrick Good with Advicoach at a Chamber event and he started asking me questions about the business – mainly what I was doing to set the business up to be something I could sell in the future. While I had thought about the desire to do that, I just didn’t know where to start. After having a consultation meeting with Pat, I found that he could provide me with the tools to not only help me reignite that spark for myself but also set my business up for the present and future growth it needed. His counsel has been invaluable and the tools he has given me are priceless.”
~ Mike Hanophy, President – Quest Restoration

“To anyone who desires to make their business fun and profitable, I highly recommend Patrick Good at Advicoach NW Ohio. Pat’s insight and coaching skills have made me a better businessperson, a better leader and I believe a better person. My company has returned to profitability for the first time in 4 years. I now have a better understanding of what is occurring within my business and what I need to do in order to assure continued success not only for me but my employees as well. My only regret is not having met Patrick 20 years sooner. Thanks Pat!”
~ Tommy Haas CEO, Haas Garage Door and Entry Solutions

“Patrick is a superb business consultant and mentor. His one page strategic planning program is much more thorough than it sounds and is a process that every business should incorporate into their system.”
~ John Bauer, Director – Small Business Resource Center

Fees are negotiable depending on your need(s) and budget.

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